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we are dual-core brutalists.
brutally simple. brutally good.

our people enjoy doing two things: making Chinese brands famous in the west, and making global brands famous in china .


tom is the marketing in chief. a veteran of digital marketing and e-commerce, tom is the go-to person for anything digital and anything marketing.


boz is a legendary trooper in user experience, creative and innovation. boz is also the ceo and chief creative who loves to set new rules and break all rules.


colin is a born entrepreneur. since his childhood he has probably built nothing short but extrodinarily successful companies, factories and teams of talents. operations in chief, colin oils the gears and steers the wheels.


you can probably guess, alvin is our tech lead with super natural powers that turn ideas to flying UFOs. from coding to big data and user experience, alvin embodies the enzymes of anti-geeky, linking business needs with tech, one interaction at a time.


joyce carries years of experience in project management and client services. having worked for some of the biggest global brands, joyce gives client engagement a unique global perspective.

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